Qinling green industrial park


Qinling green industrial park is also called “ Medicine valley”. 

The “ Medicine valley” has enormous natural resource. 

Qinling Mountains is the important treasury of the Chinese traditional medicine. Lixin fully takes advantage of the Chinese traditional medicine of Qinling mountains. 

Lixin purchases the Chinese traditional medicine from local peasants who cultivate medicinal herbs. 

Lixin also established the puerarin GMP demonstration base, sophora flavescens GMP demonstration base and epimedium GMP demonstration base.

There are 3210 natural medicinal plants in Shaanxi Qinling area which occupy the 30% of the national medicinal plant. In the fourth national census of resource of Chinese medicinal materials of 364 key varieties, Shaanxi province owned 283 Chinese medicinal materials which accounted for 77.6% of the all varieties. Lixin will establish a plurality of modern modernized GMP demonstration bases which cover an area of more than 20000 acres in 2 years. The investment is expected to reach 180 million yuan. Lixin is expected to gradually achieve self-independence of raw materials and production integration. Lixin strives to promote global health industry.

Lixin insists on the enterprise mission "The quality determines a healthy life" .

Lixin also adheres to the enterprise culture "integrity, responsibility, concentration harmony". 

Lixin also obey the management theory "The responsibility for the product, the loyalty to the customer, The dedication to the career". 

Lixin intends to innovate and combined with the policies of agriculture farmer and village and socialism. 

Lixin intends to proceed from scale production and brand operation. Lixin goes about forming a completed industrial chain. 

Lixin intends to build a Win-Win relationship with the farmer. Lixin tries to make "qinling medicine valley" ecological industrial park become a bright pearl in China.