Foster employees:

At Li xin, we put a lot of effort into cultivating a self-reliant professional workforce. 

We conduct business core training, which is designed to equip employees with the necessary knowledge, skills, and mindset for conducting business in a global environment. 

On top of this, we provide a full range of departmental training aimed at developing specialist knowledge or building specific technical skills needed for each person. 

Three-month training for new employees who will become Li xin’s number is so crucial. We offer many other opportunities to learn.

 For example, employees can participate in external training or study on their own. 

By providing a diverse array of training, Li xin powerfully supports each employee's skills development while working to improve organizational teamwork.


Work-Life Balance

In order to improve operational efficiency and productivity we have created a time-work efficacy regulation for the employees.

This regulation aims to let each Li Xin’s employees work happily and efficiently.

 We are also proactively providing information on work-life balance to employees. In addition, we designated “power-off days” when employees are encouraged to finish work on time as prompt as possible.

 We give the extra reward to the best behaved employee. The company has also been offering support to employees’ volunteer activities by providing special paid leave and covering their volunteer insurance premium and part of their expenses. 


Li xin is dedicated to giving employees the opportunity to fulfill their responsibilities at work with confidence while also caring for their family. There is a Chinese old saying that “Hundred good filial first”. We also give our employees lots of opportunities to realize their duty in their family.