Sustaining Corporate Value


Li xin recognizes that to steadily implement its medium- to long-term growth strategies it needs to seriously reconsider the meaning of sincere business

processes, having first understood the social aspects of the changes and diversity of the global markets.
Through this approach we aim to avoid social risks and work to sustain our corporate value. 

The world is changing every moments. We need to update corporate ideas accord with the development of the society. 

The company philosophy originated from the reality, So it needs to go back to the basic.

Targets and Results for Fiscal 2014
This section explains Lixin's activities in accordance with the CSR.

Human Rights
Organizational Governance 1.Continue to increase knowledge and awareness of CSR among employees
2.Reclaim the importance about the concept of the CSR

Labor Labor Practices Continue to promote work-life balance Conducted company-wide initiatives to reduce overtime work hours including establish regulation of time-work efficiency. 

Foster employees
Three-month training is the fundamental test for employee. We offer a relevantly unlimited stage for employees. We fully respect individual’s personality
Corporate Citizenship Community Involvement and Development
Continue partnerships with NGOs and NPOs

Supply the anti-cancer to the NGOs and NPOs, Give free medicine to the charity and orphanage.