OEM in LiXin


OEM professional intensive processing

Shaanxi Lixin Biotechnology Co. Ltd adhere to the concept“quality first, health first”. We always dedicate ourselves to innovate, produce and export lycopene, astaxanthin, lutein, coenzyme Q10, lutein and other plant extract product. Our production equipment and GEM factory have international certification standard. We strictly meet GEM’s demand. Our materials were also selected elaborately. We introduced foreign technology and equipment. We have manufacturing line of advanced medicine, health care products, softgel and granules. We can also provide OEM with softgel, hard capsule, tablet, powder and granula. We hope establish a win-win relationship. Our products have excellent quality and prices are reasonable and flexible.

OEM------the cooperation approach:We bond the professional knowledge, industry experience and OEM source together in order to provide more considerable services and cooperation ways.

1. Customers bring their own brand and provide packaging materials, the rest of stuff is provided by us (such as formula, product processing and certifications, etc.);

2. Customers bring their own brand, packaging materials and the product formula. We provide raw materials and product processing

3. We provide from registered brand to products processing for our customers one-stop service.

4. We directly provide products semi-finished products in bulk supply;

5. We sell high-quality products formula, each time we take the production processing fee.

6. We provide existing brand agent or wholesale;

7. Other ways are negotiable.

Our advantages:

1. Open cost calculation;

2. The international standard quality of the products;

3. Professional technology and mature system.

4. Perfect relevant information and services.