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Li xin intends to build the world class biological health industry which based on rigorous 
 raw material procurement channels. We strictly in accordance with GAP standards,and we add "Chinese modern technology industry action plan "  to our standards  and responsibility. In recent years, Chinese medicine confronts  many challenges, Ericsson biological materials refuses low-quality Chinese herbal medicine raw materials.
The company has Gynostemma , Kudzu GAP production base, high-tech follow the principle of high starting point, high standard , high-quality construction , pollution of traditional Chinese medicine , which is consistent with the needs of modern medicine research and industry , but also the restoration and construction of ecological environment, to achieve ecological, social and economic benefits three unity, to achieve sustainable development of great significance.
Most of the raw materials are originally produced In China. So far, we have built our own raw material bases such as Taxus base, Polygonum cuspidatum base, Sophora flavescens ait base, Pueraria base, Artemisia annual base, and so on. Sufficient raw materials are available over these years. The quality and quantity of raw materials are guaranteed. At the same time, a number of planting farmers have made a fortune.